Packaging & Warehouse Automation

Initial impressions are everything!  The finish, quality and product display tell your customer what type of supplier you are and starts the expectations for the product within.   At Process Partners we work hard to ensure that the first impression is a true reflection of your company.
In general, packaging and logistic projects are often driven by the following requirements:
  • Align with Market Changes and NPD opportunities
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Increasing output and quality
Many projects may be raised due to the individual items listed above, however many projects has an impact in multiple area.  For example, while increasing output of a plant, reviewing the current market trends can potentially save long term capital and disruption to your production environment.
The initial design and specification step in the project life cycle is the most important. Raising awareness and aligning projects across the business is essential and can ensure project success.  During this period of the project we complete the following items:

  • Understanding and Mitigating Risks
  • Clear Scope and Overall Alignment across all facets of the business
  • Overall business impact understood
  • Being reactive while ensuring that scope creep captured