Packaging Solutions

To ensure alignment with the market, Process Partners are working closely with equipment suppliers and attending global packaging conventions to understand market trends and keep abreast of new technology.    New Product Development is always ongoing and opportunities arise to get onto the market quickly to meet key entry points.  To ensure timelines and expectations are met, we work closely with our customers Sales, Marketing and Packaging teams to ensure alignment across each division.

Ongoing operating costs determine the revenue created by the line.  During the design phase, we initially review the utilization of proposed capital assets and then conduct a value engineering review.  From this point, a future production plan is finalized then a detailed production model is completed.  This allows a clear understanding of the impact of different SKU’s and change over times on the overall line utilization.  This also allows a determination of a potential Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the line.

Prior to increasing output of a single machine on a line, all equipment within the line is required to be reviewed.  At Process Partners we complete a constraint model of your line to ensure that the upgrade to the single unit will have the desired effect over the entire line.  The design of the line also needs to take into account the speeds of each individual machine to ensure compliance with a V curve.  Manual tasks often need accumulation both sides and ensuring continuous flow into your primary packaging machines is required.


When purchasing machinery, we complete clear and concise equipment specifications and performance. We have also developed evaluation systems which we guide the customer to ensure that the best equipment to suit the given task is selected.  We can then model the proposed packaging machine within the production model.  This can this give insight into the real world impact of different change over times and allow a cost justification for different levels of equipment supply.  Finally, we work with the commercial teams through the purchasing process and ensure that all technical contractual arrangements are completed prior to finalization of purchase orders.