Safety Systems

When installing a packaging machine into a line, often it will operate as a stand alone unit.  While there maybe upstream or downstream equipment, other than a mechanical integration, electrically, there maybe no connection.  In terms of safety, the emergency stop on the machine will only operate the unit by itself, often not effecting any other upstream or downstream machine on the line.  From the operators perspective, when an emergency does happen, the operators needs to ensure that the corresponding E-stop to the machine is pressed.  In cases where limited operators run multiple units, confusion can set in, and the wrong E-stop could be pressed.
As a part any new installation, a review of the overall compliance to current Australian Standards is undertaken, then further, the automation system is then designed with a cost effective method to create a zoned or line orientated safety systems.
  • Zoning emergency stop systems allows for faster reactions by operators during an emergency which could potentially save a life
  • Integrating multiple machines from multiple suppliers into a single emergency stop architecture is required as part of an overall automation system

Process Partners ensures that all equipment installed will comply to Australian Standards, with comprehensive FAT, and Commissioning check lists and experience in the standards, we ensure that safety is taken seriously.  We also can review or audit existing equipment to ensure that it meets key standards then work with customers to complete risk assessments and followup with implementation plans. Where required, independent auditors may also be sought to ensure compliance is met.