Warehouse Automation

Post the packaging line, automation of warehousing tasks is reviewed to ensure that the overall manufacturing environment is efficient and effective.  This includes the following: 

  • Robotic Depalletising / Palletising Systems
  • Shuttle Car and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Integration
  • Overall Warehouse Design and Optimizing Racking Layouts
Palletising systems are often centralized to reduce overall cost and potentially increase flexibility while reducing downtime.  However, there are also many systems that are integrated into the case packing unit which can reduce the accumulation requirements and therefore become more cost effective.
Implementation of Automated Guided Vehicle systems is becoming more common place within the manufacturing environment.  Ensuring that all new systems are designed and installed with AGV compliance is a must in the current workplace.  At Process Partners, we have had experience in specifying and installing AGV systems completing complex tasks.  Installation of WiFi networks, Pallet Management Systems and integration into existing Warehouse Management Systems is required during this phase.
Optimization of warehouse layouts and racking configurations can reduce travel time and picking errors.  Design of storage space needs to pay heed to a number of items, some of which are:
  • What is the end use of the pallets (finished goods or raw materials)
  • Is FIFO required?
  • What is the utilization of different racking systems for different requirements
  • Is a manual forklift being used or is a full automatic system required?
Working with your Logistics division, an understanding of all details is completed and then an optimization of existing / new spaces can be undertaken.