Performance Services

Are you looking for opportunities to further improve your plant operational performance? Are you limited in time and resources to get a cohesive program started? Process Partners assists companies to build sustainable improvement processes with our specialist resources and client focused methodology.

Using a diverse team of engineering specialists, project managers and manufacturing experience, Process Partners can help you identify opportunities and support efforts to drive manufacturing performance and deliver more from existing assets.

Process Partners offers experienced resourcing to compliment internal improvement teams to help address complex manufacturing issues, or we offer our own analysis and resolution development techniques.

Our Approach

From initial reviews and a 1 week audit, we can quickly establish if opportunities exist within the business. We create work teams using a mix of our resources and your own to target the highest priority opportunities.

With a focus on improving the effectiveness of existing resources, processes and tools whilst identifying opportunities within your business for gains.

If you want to reduce cost, waste, drive yield or improve OEE, Process Partners can structure a program to suit your business needs.