Process Partners designs, builds and optimises brewing plants including:

  • Supply of Brewing equipment
  • Complete turnkey process lines
  • Engineering design, consulting and optimisation services
  • Process, Packaging, Utilities and Civils engineering disciplines

UHT Processing

We complete specialist UHT functions including:

  • Bench marking of performance
  • Manufacturing strategies
  • Process Improvement

Butter Systems

Australia’s largest group of engineers with long experience in butter technology for processing and packaging are currently working within Process Partners.  Some of our experience includes:

  • Butter blending processes
  • Butter making technology across multiple suppliers
  • Butter distribution systems
  • Waste Recovery


Our Cheese Experience includes:

  • Multiple cheese types (soft & hard)  and manufacturing techniques
  • Design experience in complete packaging lines
  • Integration of third party equipment
  • Optimization and problem solving

Drying Technologies

Process Partners have experience with a number of drying technologies, this expertise allows us to represent clients when delivering project upgrades or new plant

Nutritional Products

  • Modifying existing drying plant for nutritional products
  • Concept Design
  • Financial Modelling and Product Cost Modelling
  • Planning for new Nutritional Plants